Shante Sheadrick - "Davd Gillette is a smart, community oriented person who is caring.  He would be a good asset and uplift to District 6 as our city council.

Yvonne B. Ragland - "David Rico Gillette is a natural for District 6 City Councilman. He has spent his adult life helping volumes of citizens to be self accountable and self responsible and self reliant and productive citizens. He helps many get housing they would have never had without him . He assists when people need food, rent. Clothing and more and the beauty in how he helps is to meet the immediate needs then he works with individuals and families for permanent solutions to fill their needs. David Gillette teaches individuals and young men and women to fill themselves with self esteem and pride and guides them to do better for themselves, their families and their community. David is a wonderful motivational speaker and he uses his diplomacy and charisma to encourage neighbors to peacefully protect and take back their neighborhoods from criminals. David Gillette is also very responsible financially and has successfully run his own businesses and employs those that need work the most for a fair wage. David Gillette is very proactive in building safer communities and teaching neighborhoods and families to become self sustainable and to achieve independent living and to be proud of their accomplishments. David is a man with a heart for the people and an intellect to responsibly lead a district into being self sustainable and law abiding. David's intellect and heart always lead him to do what is right rather than what is popular. David Gillette is the Best choice for District 6 Councilman."

Gilda Brazleton- "He is the MAN! He is a REAL TRUE PERSON! If he says he is going to do something he is gonna do it! A great landlord too!" 

Jamie Walker- David is a good person and great to work with. I have known him for years and if anyone needs help he is there for them. 

Shirley Davis - "David is a God given man! He is there for the community! He is there for the children! He will do ANYTHING to help people and I am a withness! He will often put others before himself. I have known him for a long time and he doesn't disriminate against anyone!"
Diane Evans- "David is always doing something! He is energetic and loves helping people. He helped me out one night when there was violence in my neighborhood and he stayed with me until it calmed down and that was about 2am. I helped him when he was a child and he is returning the favor by being kind to people. He went to school with my daughter and I know his family well. I took him to my pastor when he was a child and he prayed over him. David is what the district needs to get things done. 

Chell Winton- "David is a listener and he takes action! He don't mind helping others in need.  Anytime I needed it David helped and was there with no problem. He don't just focus on one area he is concerned about the whole district 6. You always see him out in the communties making his self avaiable. He a very fun and lovable person!

Darlene Berry - "David, knows his community and what their needs are, because he had grown up there.  He has been visible, hands on and concerned with the wellbeing of others as far as I can remember. David was my student at Maynard School and I saw greatness in him then with his determination to get the job done regardless of the obstacles that where placed in his way.  David has always had a heart for people and would go that extra mile to help in any way he could and will lend a helping hand.  I feel David Gillette would be the man to get things done in the city of Knoxville, TN. I support him 100% running for 6th District City Council and I know he will do a excellent job!” 
Chris Wilkerson- “Violence amongst our youth on the East Side is a way of life. In 2016 alone 27 homicides, five involved victims under age 18. 2 cases have resulted in a juvenile being charged with killing a family member and in the other 22 cases, 18 of them involved someone either as the killer or victim is under the age of 30.. David Gillette wants to see our younger generations thrive and this frightening trend end. Just today Gillette brokered a peaceful surrender of a 15 year old murder suspect to Knoxville Police without harm to himself or members of law enforcement. It's just this sort of man we need in office to start making a difference on our streets. Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God...  David Gillette has my vote to be that peace maker for Knoxville and her troubled streets. (Stats come from the Knox News Sentinel from January 11th, 2017)”