Community Issues

Support Local Business

1. Our COMMUNITIES Become Stronger.
2. Better quality JOBS options become available.
3. It diversifies OUR options to help each other.
4. It grows OUR communities and economy.

Build Stronger Communities
Build Strong Communities

Get involved ♦ Connect with Neighbors ♦ Build Trust

♦ Set Community Goals
♦ Support Community Schools
♦ Walkable, connected, mixed-use
♦ Improve and maintain Parks and Gardens

Our Communities is our village. "I want to promote safe, healthy and prosperous neighborhoods. We can reclaim our communities back child by child, neighbor by neigbor and family by family. It's time to stop the violence thats killing our children and our communities. It's time to help each other build neighborhoods where each of our kids, teens, adults can feel safe and secure from crime.

No community can afford the cost of violence. Because healthier and safe neighborhoods benefits us all. No one deserve to raise their familes in fear."