I would like to thank EVERYONE who has supported "our" campaign so from either supporting events, offering encouraging words, endorsements, donations, yards signs, liking "our" Facebook page and just praying.  We have a long way to go even tho August 29th is just around the corner so please continue to share with others "our" campaign. Let us know if we can put a sign in your yard, If you can work the polls election day or offer any other support.  I say "our" because if I am blessed to be elected that position will be for "our community."  

Again Thank You!
David Gillette, 6D4Gillette
The David Gillette for 6 District City Council is for the most part self funded, but donations are welcome and appreciated. Please call David at 865-356-1179 or send a check or money order (no cash) to:

David Gillette
2050 Harold Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37915
How Would You Like To Volunteer?
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